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Viral Video Shows Mom’s Perfect Reaction to Twins Coming Out

The Coyle Twins, a pair of many popular YouTube content providers, used their platform to come out to their mom in a 12 minute long video.

The twins profess that they’ve never really hidden their sexuality, but never really “came out” to their family.

“We’re very open and honest… but this is kind of the one thing we’ve never really addressed. It’s the fact that yes, we are gay,” said Cooper Coyle in their coming out video.

“We’re not really hiding it, it’s just that awkward elephant in the room, break the ice, how do you say it?,” added Luc Coyle.

Two minutes into the video, Cooper makes the call, and the twins nervously await hearing their mother pick up her phone. In the end, she calls them.

After some small talk and more than a little stalling, the twins break the news.

“We just wanted to say that, well, we’re gay,” says Cooper.

After a brief admonishment to the boys for coming out over the phone rather than in person, their mom makes her feelings clear.

“Okay… so what?”

She makes her feelings clearer about her twin sons.

“As long as you’re happy, and you know who you are, that makes daddy and I happy,” she says to the twins. “We’re happy if you’re happy. If this is who you are, then this is who you are. You’re born that way. You’re not different from anybody else. You’re my babies, I love you. Daddy and I are always here to support you.”

They hope their the video can help some of their 35,000 subscribers deal with coming out themselves if necessary.

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