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Should You Buy Child Life Insurance?

Our friends over at LendEdu informed us of this beautifully written article by Jeff Gitlen, which explains the different types of life insurance for your children and also why you should invest.

One of the major points of this article is that Child Life Insurance may not only prepare your family for a disaster, but it may also be an interesting opportunity to invest to help your child out later on in life. Gilten ponders this thought for a minute, explaining the alternatives to Child Life Insurance if you’re looking at it in an investment sort of perspective.

This article is also very informative in the sense that it explains the different types of insurance policies that one can have on their child. This includes Permanent Life and Riders on existing policies.

LendEdu provided us with this informative article and interesting read. You should definitely check this article out if you have any thoughts whatsoever on buying life insurance for your child.

Whether a parent should buy life insurance for a child is a highly emotionally charged – and even controversial – topic, with strident advocates both for and against the practice.

Is life insurance for your child a good idea? There are reasons on both sides of the debate, and depending on your personal situation, you may end up finding yourself identifying with one or more of those reasons.

And remember, insurance agents and advisers are there to help you. They can step you through your life insurance needs and solutions at no cost or obligation. If you need a little guidance contact a concierge service representative.

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