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This low-cost benefit is paid by the employer and helps assist the individual, spouse, children, parent, and parents-in-law. Our Health Advocacy service cannot be individually purchased so ask your employer to call us if it’s not offered at work 844-527-6771.

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Full-service clinical support:

  • Explain diagnoses and treatment options
  • Support following a difficult diagnosis
  • Coordinate care for complex medical issues
  • Identify gaps in care for health coaching*
  • Arrange hospice and other services for terminally ill members
  • Coordinate benefits between doctors and insurance companies
  • Research and locate best-in-class providers for second opinions
  • Coordinate the transfer of medical records, X-rays and lab results
  • Research rehabilitation, adult day care and homemaker services
  • Locate inpatient private duty nursing and home health aide services
  • Arrange for home care equipment following discharge from the hospital

Help with administrative issues:

  • Find the right doctors, hospitals and other providers
  • Schedule tests and appointments
  • Untangle medical bills
  • Resolve insurance claims and billing issues
  • Locate eldercare services and community resources

Answer benefit questions:

  • Explain benefits coverage and resolve errors with providers and health plans
  • Locate in-network providers
  • Resolve eligibility issues and benefit/claim denials