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Rainbow Riots Radio – What’s Playing?

So what is Rainbow Riots Radio all about? The podcast will feature ten episodes discussing queer stories around the world, spoken poetry, and music. Swedish artist, Petter Wallenberg is the host and creator of the series. A new episode is released every 2 weeks.

It’s no surprise that the very first episode of the series peaked everyone’s interest when the advert was supposedly blocked by Facebook due to being “too political”. In response to the issue, Wallenberg said:

“I created Rainbow Riots Radio because I wanted to share our queer life stories around the world. Some of the episodes feature queer people in countries where it is illegal to be gay. Even if we just want to live our lives like everybody else, it becomes political. When two straight people hold hands in the street it’s viewed as personal – when queer people do it, it’s viewed as political. When we come out of the shadows and tell our stories globally – it’s too political”

“We didn’t choose to be political, we just want to live our lives. We want love just like everyone else. It’s the homophobia that makes it political.”

Yesterday’s release of the second episode featured Mistah Majah P.,  Jamaican rapper, and reggae artist. Mistah was said to have a bounty on his head because of his adversity to the violent homophobia in his country. Before the episode ended, Mistah and Peter performed to the song “Equal Rights,” which was a collaboration in a campaign for UN’s Global Goals.

The upcoming episodes to the series will include untold stories from the LGBTQ community. Rainbow Riots is an organization who aims to bring equality to the LGBTQ community.

Check out Rainbow Riots Radio podcast to stay updated on the latest episodes.

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