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LGBTQ – What Are The Laws and Policies For Healthcare?

It’s time to equip ourselves with knowledge of laws and policies around healthcare. We can’t predict what our future holds. There’s no knowing if how we are now will be the same as how we’ll be tomorrow. If you aim for a good life, enjoy what you have now but keep an eye on your overall health so you can guarantee your future. There’s no bad outcome that can come of out being too ready for what’s ahead, Don’t you agree? There are three areas to consider on learning more about health care laws and policies –  Private Insurance, State Medicaid and State Employee Benefits.

Insurance non-discriminating laws ensure that the LGBTQ community receives fair treatment on medical care. These laws dictate that there should not be any bias on insurance coverage or benefits to LGBTQ Plan enrollees. Moreover, it reinforces that gender identity should not be a factor in denying or limiting healthcare plans. There are certain State laws i.e. New Jersey, who does not cover sexual orientation but includes a prohibition against gender identity discrimination.

There are varying federal regulations on discrimination on gender identity depending on location or State. Some exclude healthcare gender transition for transgender people while there are also state policies that totally exclude them from coverage and care. Transgender-related healthcare can be availed through employee benefits.

To know about the laws and policies on Healthcare click on the image below to get to LGBTQ MAP.

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