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Gay Couple’s Innovative Blog Showcases Food, Travel, and Fashion

Young gay couple Matt and Beau simply enjoy the way of life in their blog series on Probably This.

The two write about their life experiences, the places that they visit when they travel, and delicious recipes thought up on the fly.

The two have been together for the past 5 years and recently started blogging once they decided that they needed an outlet once college was over. Initially “Probably Baking,” the two decided to change their blog name to “Probably This” to coincide with the question: What are you doing after college?

Many articles showcase their every day life living in New Orleans and traveling around the world, along with the food, fashion, and fun that comes along with traveling to new places.

Matt and Beau from ProbablyThis.com

A couple months of getting our lives together, and we were ready to pack up Rosie, our pup, and what little we had left … and head out West. We did food and street art things in Austin, had all the Southwestern fun in Arizona and New Mexico and Southern Utah, and then spent a month up and down California. Our route back took us through more mountain hangouts in Utah and Colorado, and then a speedy return home because we were ready to have a full kitchen and a nice big shower again, etc. The trip ended up being 89 days, just shy of the three months we’d planned. There are no words to accurately describe selling everything you own, moving into a camper trailer, and just… going wherever. It was fantastic and hard and amazing and tiring and we’re also very happy to be back.

The blog caught the attention of many, and now we see Matt and Beau living their lives almost every day.

Now, we’re taking a bit to stay put. We’ll be spending the summer at an urban farm, trying out new recipes for the blog, online shopping too much, and continuing to give our highly unqualified but honestly great opinions on all things we’re gonna just call “lifestyle.” We hope you love it!

You can follow the lives of Beau and Matt on their blog, follow them on Instagram, and watch vlogs on Youtube. All the photos in this article are credited to probablythis.com

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